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AEA Session on “The Demand for Commitment Devices” : Saturday the 6th of January, 10:15-12:15 pm, Pennsylvania convention center, 201-B

Our network member Marieke Bos organized a session Titled The demand for Commitment Devices at the Annual Meetings of the American Economic Association.

The session is scheduled: Saturday the 6th of January, 10:15-12:15 pm, Pennsylvania convention center, 201-B.

Content of the Session:

Chair: Douglas Bernheim; Stanford University

  1. Paper: Loose Knots: Strong Versus Weak Commitments to Save for Education in Uganda
    1. Dean Karlan, Yale University, Leigh Linden, University of Texas-Austin
    2. Discussant Emily Breza, Harvard University;
  2. Paper: Myopia and Discounting
    1. Xavier Gabaix, Harvard University, David Laibson, Harvard University
    2. Discussant: Frank Schilbach, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
  3. Paper: Impulsive Consumption and Financial Wellbeing: Evidence From an Expansion in the Supply of Alcohol
    1. Itzhak Ben-David, Ohio State University, Marieke Bos, Stockholm School of Economics, Swedish House of Finance
    2. Discussant Bruce Carlin, University of California-Los Angeles;
  4. Paper: Spatial Commitment Devices and Addictive Goods: Evidence from the Removal of Slot Machines from Bars
    1. Presenter; Hyungsuk Byun, Government of Alberta, Vyacheslav Mikhed, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and Barry Scholnick, University of Alberta,
    2. Discussant: Brigitte Madrian, Harvard University


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