The Nordic Household Finance Research Network, is a new network founded in December 2017, hosted by the Swedish House of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics.  The aim of the network is to build a creative environment where new ideas and collaborations in the field of Household Finance can flourish. Household Finance by analogy with Corporate Finance is a fast growing discipline within Economics that asks how households use financial instruments to attain their objectives (Campbell 2006).  Members of the network examine topics that relate to household saving, portfolio behavior, borrowing decisions, and investment choices.

There resides an incredible potential in the Nordics to contribute to a better understanding of household behavior because of the high quality micro data that the Nordic countries typically maintain. Indeed already today there is a very active group of researcher in Household Finance that collaborate with researcher from all over the world and publish in top finance and economic journals.

The formation of our research network will facilitate the rapid dissemination of scholarly research and events in the area of Household Finance. By showcasing the insights of our members’ research we aim to become a resource for Academia, Policy makers, Society and the Press-corp in the Nordics.